• Jenny Elizabeth

strange things? Collective presents: Closure

You can buy your own copy, along with our first issue Progress, on the Not Dead Yet press Etsy store here.

On behalf of strange things? Collective, I am so very proud to announce that our second issue Closure was printed in February 2019. With ten contributors across 12 pages, this issue tackles topics including love, loss and mental health.

'Robin' by Paige Downs (left) and 'Ship of Fools' by William Shaw (right).

We were particularly moved by the submissions we received for Closure, and you can find a full list of contributors below.

Paige Downs

William Shaw

Aoife Inman

Caitlin Watson

Robyn Janine

Cheyenne Williams

Iter Intergalactic

Tom Hawick

and design work by Sian L Whitfield.

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